PR, digital, social media, investor relations, public affairs and government relations to help brands succeed

Atomic was acquired in March, 2011 and formally changed its name to Grayling in January 2014. Grayling is a Top 10 U.S. multi-disciplinary communications firm offering PR, digital and social media, investor relations, public affairs and government relations. Grayling has 300 people across 10 offices in North America. Grayling has an additional 700 people across 45 offices outside the U.S., covering 43 languages and 15 time zones, and is the second largest independent communications firm in the world.

Founded in 1999 by Andy Getsey, James Hannon and Rebecca West, Atomic was named Tech PR & Social Agency of the Year in 2010, a Top 3 Global Tech PR & Social Agency in 2011, and a Top 10 Global Boutique PR & Social Agency in 2012.

Atomic was a pioneer in applying sophisticated analytics to drive transmedia communications programs. Atomic’s ComContext analytics platform and processes, now part of Grayling’s offering, provide rare technical insights into dozens of aspects of social dialog, media coverage, sources and trends, language and other elements to guide strategy & creative, planning, execution and results assessment.

Through its PR, social and digital work with notable startups, mid stage, and publicly traded technology companies, Atomic helped create and define categories like Web Services, Web 2.0, Mobile Lifestyle, Social Music, and the App economy. Atomic also propelled longer movements in information security and privacy, personal finance, entertainment, style, travel, big data and cloud, social networking, connected devices and gadgets, motion controls, and the consumerization of the enterprise.

In addition, Atomic was instrumental in helping to rebrand and recontextualize iconic brands like IMAX, Polaroid, Pioneer and Sony, while helping save the Hollywood Sign, promote the 75th Anniversary of March Madness, educate consumers about phishing, and introduce an amazing array of startups, products and services to consumers around the world.

Atomic’s execs, analytics technology, processes and trans-media approach are now part of Grayling and continue to make big differences for clients of all sizes and stages. Frequently 100% or more across lots of campaign performance measures compared to pre-start baselines.

Atomic worked with brands of all sizes and stages in consumer, technology, Web, entertainment, sustainability and non-profit. The agency established a successful track record using data-driven insights and strategy to re-energize programs and update positioning for large, established brands, help mid-stage companies go to the next level, introduce a broad range of new products and launch numerous now high-profile startups. More than 75 Atomic clients have been acquired by larger brands, or have gone public and become household names themselves.   A partial listing of the brands Atomic worked with:

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